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We Cook Southern-Style Recipes Like Mama Did


Family Traditions meet in kitchens, and now you can enjoy those traditions in your home!  Collard Valley Cooks shows you how! Collard Valley, in Polk County Georgia, is where I grew up! My family had over 100 acres and we were raised in the country. My name is Tammy Benefield Nichols and I was at the feet of my mother and grandmothers in the kitchen from the time I could walk! I learned to cook in the southern country tradition from women like my Granny Benefield, MawMaw Howard and my Mother Iva East! CVC’s motto is “Where we cook like our Mama’s did”.

In 2010 I went through a serious bout with Triple Negative breast cancer.  On May 18, 2017 I was thinking back on how I had survived cancer and I realized I hadn’t taught my girls the ropes in the kitchen. I thought to myself “if this cancer comes back, how will my daughters learn what I had learned from my family“?  I had not taken them in the kitchen and taught them and they were not really interested in cooking. Then it came to me! Maybe if I put my favorite recipes on video, my kids could go back in the future when they are ready and learn how to cook like their mama, grandparents, and great grandparents.

That was it, I made my decision right then and there and jumped out of the recliner and started videoing with my phone that day. I began posting video tutorials the next day on Facebook. Soon I realized there were thousands of women and men out there who loved the country Southern cooking traditions that I had learned as a child. It was like we were all one big family!  I created a Facebook page, webpage and within a few months a YouTube page. It has been a blessing and something that I look forward to each day. Now my retired husband, Chris, is involved with CVC as well! We love bringing you meals for families with simple ingredients and using methods you will recognize from your childhood! Often people older than me say “you remind me of my Mother when you cook”, or “that brings back memories of my Grandmother”! People tell me they have successfully made biscuits or other recipes for the first time! How exciting it is to keep those memories and that cooking style alive! Thank you for taking part of Collard Valley Cooks and we hope that you too will soon be “cooking like Mama did”!

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We cook southern-style recipes like Mama did right here on our YouTube channel. My videos are not about perfection. They are about how we southern women really move around and cook! Most are raw footage and you see mistakes and success too! They are to teach you how to cook great southern style food! I hope you enjoy them!

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