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Collard Valley Cooks - We Cook Like Mama Did

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We cook southern-style recipes like Mama did right here on our YouTube channel. My videos are not about perfection. They are about how we southern women really move around and cook! Most are raw footage and you see mistakes and success too! They are to teach you how to cook great southern style food! I hope you enjoy them!

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We have assembled a collection of our most favorite essential kitchen and household items that we use at nearly everyday at Collard Valley Cooks.

An Old Family Favorite

Posted by tammy at 9:00 AM on Mar 11, 2019


Week of 3-10-19: Last week I made an old family favorite in the Collard Valley Cooks Kitchen, my Granny Benefield’s Chocolate Cream Pie! I remember watching her cook it on the stove when I was a little girl. I have a few modern tricks up my sleeve, however. Today I use a microwave to make the perfect chocolate pudding base for that delicious pie! Needless to say, it did not sit around the kitchen long, Chris ate most of it in two days. 

Collard Valley Cooks - Chocolate Cream Pie

I made a new recipe that we really loved. It is a Smoked Paprika Chicken with Mushrooms! I made it using my favorite pan the Braiser I got from Marshall’s made by Masterclass. I can’t believe they have stopped making this model but I do have a link to another much like it. This is such a versatile piece of equipment in the kitchen and I love mine! The chicken was very savory and moist!

Collard Valley Cooks - Smoked Paprika Chicken with Mushrooms

I also got a few new decorating items for Cake Lessons. I got a Wilton tip for icing and used the turntable that I first used back on the video with Olivia. Speaking of Olivia, she sent me the sweetest thank you note complete with a drawing for having her on the show! She is really motivated and smart for an 8 year old!

Chris and I installed a new stainless steel hood over the oven from my special friend Amy H. She has been a huge supporter of CVC for a long time. She sent us the hood because it was on the wish list, so now it matches the appliances in the kitchen! Thank you Amy!

Chris will be making a Boston Butt for the bus drivers at his school where he worked last year so we may have some footage of that on Nichols Retirement Empire.

That is where you can go for videos of our shopping outings and a few family fun videos! Chris has a unique sense of humor!