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We cook southern-style recipes like Mama did right here on our YouTube channel. My videos are not about perfection. They are about how we southern women really move around and cook! Most are raw footage and you see mistakes and success too! They are to teach you how to cook great southern style food! I hope you enjoy them!

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We have assembled a collection of our most favorite essential kitchen and household items that we use at nearly everyday at Collard Valley Cooks.

Chris and Air Fryer Chicken

Posted by tammy at 8:35 AM on Mar 17, 2019


Week of 3-17-19: Last week I was a little under the weather. I did get my videos for Cake Lessons up for icing and doing borders. The channel is coming along well and I am enjoying the step by step tutorial approach to teaching about baking and decorating cakes! We are learning about how to best use the camera and how to film and edit these videos as we go. Your feedback is appreciated because we want to make Cake Lessons a channel you can learn from. We will be adding a recipe to it in soon for pound cake!

Cake Lessons - Icing and Borders

On CVC we used our Cosori Air fryer twice. Once for our crunchy and delicious Chicken Wings and once for a Peach cobbler! Chris is the chicken man around here and her has a blend of seasonings we make for fried chicken that we also use for chicken wings. It has salt, paprika, white and black pepper and cayenne pepper. We show how to mix it in the Chicken Wing Video. The key to our crispy wings is to leave the skin on the wings and let them get to room temperature. Then coat them in olive oil and season them. Chris dips his in an egg wash, but I don’t. Then coat them lightly in flour. A lot of people miss the next step with chicken. Let it sit out for 10 minutes to let the flour turn pasty. The chicken should look wet when you put it in the oven of the hot oil! We cook ours for 35 minutes at 380 degrees. It is so crunchy. Watch the video so you can hear the crunch! The egg washed wings are crunchy yet more tender and with more of the seasoning flavor. The non-egg washed wings are even more crispy and crunchy and still moist inside! We love these wings at our house. The best part is you have no grease to throw away. The clean up and air fryers is easy and quick. We will have to show everyone our fried chicken secrets for the air fryer soon!

Collard Valley Cooks - Air Fryer Chicken


We also did a live video on Facebook. I put together a “hamburger helper” type meal with some browned ground beef I had saved in the refrigerator. We all need to learn to se what we have don’t we? It turned out great and my daughter Amy especially liked it. She asked me to make sure when ever I made this again to make it exactly like this! I was so happy she liked it.