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We cook southern-style recipes like Mama did right here on our YouTube channel. My videos are not about perfection. They are about how we southern women really move around and cook! Most are raw footage and you see mistakes and success too! They are to teach you how to cook great southern style food! I hope you enjoy them!

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A Biscuit Throwdown and Special Visitor

Posted by tammy at 8:00 AM on Feb 24, 2019


Collard Valley Cooks: A Biscuit Throwdown and Special Visitor

Week of 2-24-19: Last week was an exciting week in the CVC kitchen. I welcomed a young lady here to make her first cookie cake. Eight-year-old Olivia learned how to make a cookie cake and a little about decorating. Olivia is from the home of CVC, Dallas Georgia in Paulding County! Olivia goes to Russom Elementary School and loves to bake and watch baking shows on TV and YouTube! She wants to create her own YouTube channel baking show when she gets old enough. I was really impressed with Olivia’s skill level as an eight-year-old and her knowledge of baking. She left with a few baking tools and a copy of CVC Cookbook Volume 1 and Volume 2! I know we will be hearing good things about her and what she has baked in the future!

Collard Valley Cooks: A Biscuit Throwdown and Special Visitor

As part of Olivia’s visit we had a special unboxing! I bought a Topeka Trading Company Rotating 12-inch Turntable for decorating and we were able to use it for the first time. The Turntable is sturdy, turns smoothly and has a nice metal top! I look forward to decorating with it in the future. I am going to start a separate YouTube page soon that will be called “Cake Lessons” so I’ll let you know when that goes live!

Collard Valley Cooks: A Biscuit Throwdown and Special Visitor

There was also a special “competition” on CVC. My husband, Chris from Nichols Retirement Empire, had my daughters May and Amy making rolled biscuits. I was the judge and the winner got $25 as a prize! They watched my Rolled Biscuit Tutorial and tried to reproduce the old-fashioned rolled biscuits that my MawMaw Howard and Mama used to make. What a success it was, they both did great. The biscuits looked good and tasted good! I was so proud of them. Here is a link to that video... Have a great week and keep cooking like Mama did!