Collard Valley Cooks-We Cook Like Mama Did

Collard Valley Cooks - We Cook Like Mama Did



4 Qt. Braising Pan


Universal Silicone Lid


Berghoff Cast Iron Wok

  Cast Iron Skillets     Cast Iron Skillet  Deep Frying Cast Iron
   Lodge Dutch Oven    1.3 Qt. Saucepan    Softtouch Handle Cookware
  WMF Pressure Cooker   Canning Pressure Cooke


360 Waterless Cookware

  Hard Anodized All-Clad Set  Copper Chef Cookware  Ceramic Cookware
 Soft Touch Handle Wok   Stainless Steel Colander  Non-Stick
 Universal Steamer   USA Sheet Pans  Ceramic Bakeware
  Temptations Platter    Temptations Ramekins

  Temptations   Lasagna

 Anchor Baking w/lid   Baking pie plates    Baking dish w/baking lid

Stainless Steel Cooling Rack

USA Baking-Pick a Size

USA Pizza Pan



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We cook southern-style recipes like Mama did right here on our YouTube channel. My videos are not about perfection. They are about how we southern women really move around and cook! Most are raw footage and you see mistakes and success too! They are to teach you how to cook great southern style food! I hope you enjoy them!